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Life hacks for Magento: Layered Navigation Extension

No matter what you do, it’s extremely crucial to become better than you were yesterday. Especially if it comes to business where competition is an integral part of success. In terms of eCommerce, there are plenty of different things you can improve, so always have some space to grow, which is good news. One of such fields is your website’s performance. This parameter is essential if you want to make customers like you and become the best shop on the market. The loading speed, search features, navigation, and other technical elements are the parts of the overall productivity, which defines your total revenue.

And we know how to enhance your online shop easily. With the help of a special module for Magento 2, there is nothing complicated in boosting performance. So, you just have to download and install this plugin and spend around a few minutes to set it up. That’s it! Make yourself familiar with the potential benefits you may get.

Why do you I need it?

the search

For you, why is this a must-have add-on? Because it has such a large influence on conversion rates, usability is one of the most critical aspects of any website. Make the user’s layer navigation as straightforward as feasible. The use of AJAX technology can shorten the time it takes for a website to load significantly. The filter system has also been updated, with the addition of new, simpler filters. It’s also feasible to make one-of-a-kind designs. You may expand your collection by adding more pages to make it simpler to browse. Create a single page for all brands or individual pages for each. It is now able to scroll through the full catalog without stopping thanks to AJAX algorithms. 

The URLs have also been improved to increase both SEO and human-friendliness. This plugin allows you to restructure all URLs to make them more appealing to the eye. Metadata can be modified, crawler visibility can be adjusted, duplicate content can be eliminated, and filter link transfer can be regulated. There are also pages devoted to certain brands. Create separate pages for each of your store’s brands, complete with their own URLs and logos. Include brand-related details as well as SEO-related elements such as robots, canonical URLs, and descriptions.

The module and its possibilities


The search feature has been improved. Regardless of the extent of your store’s product catalog, provide your customers a way to swiftly find what they’re looking for. Customers may quickly locate what they’re searching for on the category page by using the Layered Navigation module’s shopping choices, which include a search box. This search filter may be modified to meet the demands of the shop by giving a variety of search possibilities. One of its features may be a full-text search on the current category page, as well as a filter for product attribute options. It’s possible to set up the search filter such that both choices are available at the same time. Customers can use the search filter to exclude non-essential product features without reading the entire purchasing choices panel. For organizations with a wide product range, this panel may be lengthy and frightening. If a customer wants clothes for a certain climate, they may type “climate” into the search field and then select the appropriate climatic components, such as warm or all-weather. The part on climatic features does not need scrolling down. Not only that but there’s more! Take a look at the add-other on’s features: 

  • The navigation is basic and straightforward. Customers’ brand preferences are incredibly essential in their purchasing decisions, therefore you should go out of your way to accommodate them. The extension may give a list of all the brands in your store on a separate page. There is also a page for each of the brands. Each brand’s page has a logo, a description, and a product list. You may have total control over the visibility of a brand page for that search engine by manually or automatically giving the URL key for that search engine and applying the Store View visibility. Metadata such as the meta title, keywords, and description can be included on a brand page. For a page banner, use alt tags and a title.
  • There are numerous criteria to choose from. By default, Magento does not enable customers to pick multiple attribute values in a single filter. When they go shopping, they have to go back and forth a lot, which is inefficient. Clients, on the other hand, can use this plugin to set as many criteria as they like.
  • It’s much easier to get started now. The plugin saves your most often used filters and places them atop the product list. This allows new customers to quickly and easily select the most popular criterion, speeding up the purchasing process and increasing your site’s conversion rate. It’s especially beneficial in stores with a large selection of filters and items. Furthermore, the module guarantees that smart and regular filters only display attribute values that are relevant to the objects that have been chosen. Filters will no longer be a problem for your clients!
  • Widgets need to be built into the system. Create a Brand Slider widget to allow clients to browse your company’s websites and products fast. This brand widget should be put in a location where it will be most useful to your business. It might show on all or just a few of your website’s pages. To meet your store’s design idea, change the size of the Brand Slider and the brand pictures. Change the colors of the paging and navigation buttons to make the slider more user-friendly. To bring the brand widget to life, enable the animation auto-play option. Turn on the autoplay loop and set the autoplay interval. When the mouse pointer lingers over the animated Brand Slider, it may be paused to make it more helpful. You might wish to create a Brand Slider for each of your stores if you have a lot of them. 
  • Enhancer of performance. Customers dislike hopping from page to page, therefore limiting the number of pages they must load throughout their journey. Using the module’s AJAX scrolling capability, you may load more items in any category or search results page by scrolling or clicking the Load More button, either automatically or manually. 
  • The whole catalog may be seen on a single page. Your company now has a separate “All Products” page thanks to the plugin. It’s more efficient to start each customer’s trip through your product catalog on a single page and then utilize layered navigation to limit their possibilities. Customers will be exposed to more items as a consequence of this arrangement, and the number of pages they must change will be substantially reduced. Add metadata to the All Products page to help with SEO. 
  • It’s critical to stress the most significant points. Magento will display the associated filter in plain English if an attribute, such as Material or Brand, has numerous values. If clients must pick from a huge number of qualities, they may become bewildered. You will be able to submit images to these sorts of effects with this plugin. As a result, clients will be able to find what they’re seeking much faster. 
  • Show items that are connected to each other. Show related goods to your consumers when they use the shopping filters to discover the product they desire. You may use this extension to combine many attribute options into a single grouped option. Customers who requested red clothing may receive purple or orange instead. Another example is when a customer uses a grouped filter to look for cold-weather clothes, and goods for cold, chilly, and windy conditions emerge. A product’s almost every feature may be categorized. For group options that are visible to your clients, use a different label or swatch. Give the grouped selections a label so they can be seen independently on your store’s admin page.
  • Make the most of your characteristics. There is now a new type of slider filter. It allows you to look for items depending on a range of factors such as price, size, and weight. The sliders will assist any business! 
  • Allow the whole public to determine what is best. This filter highlights the goods with the highest number of favorable reviews, which is great for increasing conversions. The most psychologically gratifying items are those with the highest ratings.
  • Demonstrate the evolution of the situation. If you offer time-sensitive things like food, clothing, or phones, customers will be especially interested in fresh arrivals. They will really benefit from this filter.
  • Daily deals should not be overlooked. Making it easy for customers to find your services is in your best interests. This filter is perfect for giving them that additional push they need to convert.
  • Items that aren’t accessible right now will be concealed from view. You don’t want to show off out-of-stock things from your catalog since customers aren’t generally interested in looking for something they can’t buy. The Stock filter is an excellent solution to this problem because it is designed to eliminate out-of-stock items from the product list. 
filters for discounts


The Magento AJAX Layered Navigation extension is what sellers have been looking for since old times because websites tend to work slow without additional tweaking, which pisses off many customers, making them want to find other services. So, this plugin will definitely make your store much better.

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