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Magento follow up email extension helps boosting sales

A store requires a computerized system for sending email series, which is a great opportunity to boost sales that can be initiated in specific situations. Let us show a single example that demonstrates benefits of this particular tool for Adobe commerce platform.
In a situation when a client stops on the finish line of his purchasing process and leaves the store without checking out items he ordered it is bad for business. The way out of this situation that is considerably negative for sales it to create a pre-programmed email series. This series can be actuated in the right moment, and the extension will consequently send messages to the aforementioned client who was on the verge of buying. The versatility of this extension allows in to tailor further messages in respect for the client’s actions in a store.

A quick beginning with packaged email arrangements with Follow up email for Magento 2

Full flexibility in email marketing

The presented extension will bring into the store concomitant pre-designed packages of emails. The only thing that is necessary to be done is a simple activation of the packages to work for the needs of a store. Effectively copy any email bundle from the package to duplicate if and manufacture individual unique design that correspond business necessities.
Have it crossed a mind of any shop owner that shopping baskets get deserted at a rate of around 68% and that is considered a normal rate! Efforts must be put to bring this number down.
Magento follow up email tool assists in the task of bringing back clients to the store. This extension facilitates development of online store sales rate, and furthermore helps finishing purchasing deals. Peruse more on what benefits are brought by this module by utilizing the information this module is packaged with.

Bring value with customers’ audit

Published audit form a legitimate user permits stores to construct trust from visitors. Genuine customer surveys additionally impact positioning in Google search.
Create the conditions for clients to publish their audit and surveys of the store. Utilizing this extension it becomes possible to get a mechanized sending of messages mentioning to leave the auditory survey not long after the customer closed a purchasing deal.
One message with a solicitation for an audit publishing might be adequately not plausible reason for a customer to make such action, or he could simply neglect to see it. In the event that a client doesn’t leave his audit subsequent to getting the primary message, there is a functionality to arrange a robotized series of sent emails in an altered style.
Moreover, with this extension an email can be sent advising client on the status regarding his survey. Tell the clients that their audit was an effective review, and after survey endorsement – educate the client regarding the outcomes of his survey.

Emails can help bring customers back

Emails can help

Each store always creates a pool of its devoted clients that get maximal fulfillment from shopping in the store, but for some reason they are idle for extensive stretches of time. Bring back such users by generating a greeting email for them that has a pleasant surprise inside. Rise the interest to the possibility of returning to the store with something uncommon like a voucher for a gift or a coupon for shopping. This extension empowers for the robotization of such interaction, leaving the additional time for other things. It sends the proposal messages for returning to shopping in a store to the clients that didn’t visit the store for quite some time.
Deftly make a returning proposal email series thinking about the various sorts of customers. For instance, make a single letter template for the clients with long history in your store and make another letter template for spic and span clients.

Suggestions for possible preferable items to shop

Dependent on a client’s exchange history a robotized email series could be sent with item suggestions for purchasing. Analyzing the clients’ history of visiting interesting products makes it possible to send them an email with a list of items with a rundown of related items to those that they were interested in viewing. Or then again just welcome your client when the person signs in the store online system, and present a rundown of items that may me interesting to him.

Send a birthday greeting to clients to show that they are still remembered and valued in a store

Each client likes consideration of his persona. By sending an advertising message with birthday greetings, the store can improve its unwaveringness in the eyes of the client. Utilizing the follow up email extension in magento
It is possible to likewise welcome clients with other significant dates, similar to their first commemoration in making purchase or moving to a higher level of the reliability program that is launched in a shop. Encase an uncommon coupon to the email that is sent to the client and incorporate a pitched list of items for purchase to make the hello letter more significant.

Allow the client to follow their purchase

follow their purchase

Advise the customer on the topic of any progressions with respect to their order. Send them messages with current data on their purchase status. Add a rundown of strategically pitched items for other purchases which are currently in handling status. The purchases that have an awaiting status an extra letter with a reciprocal proposal of related items will be a useful opportunity to keep the connection with client. After the purchase deal becomes finished, furthermore make a letter to send with a list of renewal items and with the upsell items available for purchase.

Send messages to the customers at the perfect time to obtain an extraordinary effectiveness of the emails

After making a comparison of the extension under review and a standard email modules, the dubsequent email from this vendor points the tasks of informing the clients on a specific phase of their excursion through the online shop towards the purchase. The email message is pushed for a client strictly when a specific occasion occurs. This module upholds a wide range of occasions for setting off the mailing campaign.
The discussed software piece can likewise utilize separating rules to restrict the mission of the pushed email. The restriction can be done for a specifically characterized clients. This module gives an opportunity to send explicit email messages to a nubmer of singular clients. Send messages to each such segment with regard to their interests, and it will not require a long time to see fabulous outcomes!

Be sure that email is working properly on customers

Track down the ideal recipe for the email messages that are proposed for pushing to customers by conducting relevant tests on their efficacy. With a special mode of the sandbox that this extension provides it becomes possible to feel on own perception of how the crafted email will look. The sandbox mode allows to avoid sending test messages to real clients of a store, instead letters are sent to the designated test email.

Sen emails on specific occasions

Promotional coupons can also be included in emails

To ensure that clients respond positively on the incoming email message from a store it would be a great recommendation to enclosure the letter with an individual promotional coupon. The module can consequently produce and encase coupons that have a predetermined lapse time to be used. Issue a voucher and just look how clients return to the store for shopping!

The mailing mission can be stopped once it has reached its objectives

Abrogation genuinely matters when there is a necessity to acquire the trust of potential purchasers. Too many emails may cause an irritation in them because they receive obsolete offers. This module takes into account the goals of the email missions and once the objective is reached the mailing process is stopped. This also happens on a situation of a scratch-off related occasion ought to happen.


Using emails as a promotional tool can bring individuals who are keen on making additional purchases in a store that sent them such message. Its a simple and easy way of keeping interest in clients and reminding them they might benefit when making a purchase. This powerful marketing opportunity ensures that clients stay devoted to a store and select it for further purchases.
Numerous triggered emails can be generated based on the in-store activity of a customer. These messages could be used for build productive relationships with clients. Good relationship is a key to the increased revenue that will occur after the rise in number of repeated purchases. The templates of the emails can be manually customized to show an effective marketing strategy.
Magento 2 follow up email is the powerful instrument for a store that will help to nurture the relationships with its customers, provide them with benefits and promotional coupons. The level of automation this extension brings to a store ensures that workers of the shop are not wasting time on simple tasks. Workers can use that additional spare time to discuss and plan the perfect marketing strategy on the email campaigns. Try the power this extension can bring to a store!

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