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Do store classifications with a blink

Magento is a powerful e-commerce platform that offers a variety of features for online sellers and business owners to be successful online. It has the power and features that allow it to function on a global scale, from small business to successful global level.
From a plentiful of features one feature the platform proposes for online stores has become an unlimited list of classification segments that helps enrich user visiting experience by providing them with the possibility of manually looking up for things they desire to obtain faster.
With classification segments, the store gets a true freedom to organize its sold goods into different types and subtypes. This will make it easy for your customers to navigate more efficiently without having to spend time browsing through the website for hours on end just looking at every single product that you offer on your site.
However, filling the store catalog classifications with the goods proposed for a sale is a pain point to lots of store owners who have chosen to do business on this platform. The argument is especially true when it is needed to update the goods that are sold in an item list of a shop at a later point in time.
The solution to this issue is to automate the content marketing efforts and allot the store classifications refreshing to the algorithm. That way, you can get back to focusing on what’s important – growing your business.
The Magento category extension algorithmically allocates sold goods to classification segments, making the process of categorizing the sold things easier and more efficient. This saves time and allows for more control over which sold goods are allocated into which classification segment.
But it’s not just manual categorization that’s the problem. In Magento, you’re forced to use categories that are either too broad or too specific, and once you’ve set up your categories, you’re stuck with them. There’s no way to reorganize the classifications in any meaningful way while still retaining all the sold goods from those categories, and that can, should it be said, be a significant limitation.
With too many products in tha store selling list, people tend to show a behaviour of making mistakes entering data. The more goods the store operates with, the more data entry that needs to be done. This means that there are more chances to make mistakes and errors in the data which moves us one step closer to failing with providing the purchasers with reliable goods classifications.

automate category assignment routine

How will you benefit when approving this automation tool in the shop?

Stores that provide dynamic goods classification can be programmatically arranged to add or erase items dependent on their qualities.
The plugin permits responsible administrators to set a default segment of the item list for any available item in the inventory. It permits purchasers that want to find a thing to buy to utilize values like size and accessibility to search faster.
This Magento 2 module dispenses with the need to physically appoint SKUs to the item list classifications, and it is a fairly common practice when setting up item indexes for the stores on this platform. Utilizing this plugin, your Magento Store 2 can naturally allocate sold goods into the item index list of the enterprise by their significant qualities.
It is progressively created on the item index list modification that can be done with numerous conditions that rely upon the properties of the item. Likewise, our module has keen highlights that improve the store item list by transforming it into more versatile and utilitarian.
A classification plugin for goods tracks the items in a Magento inventory index, consequently relocates them on the off chance that they meet the prerequisites of the classification. For instance, this occurs if the characteristics of the item change.
The extension also helps store staff to focus on other tasks like stock checking and inventory control. It also allows users to save time by not having to manually enter new products into the catalog.
Notably, the extension is being widely used for promotional products with limited availability. These products have special prices for a limited time, and each promotional product is different. Manually adding new promotional items and deleting them takes time and energy. Instead, using dynamic categories to automatically add and delete promotional items saves store staff time and effort. The store staff becomes available for more important tasks.

Assign products instantly

With this Magento Dynamic Category products extension, you just need to specify what kind of product attributes you’d like to include in the category, and you’re good to go. No additional manual setup is necessary!
For example, if you want to make in your catalog a category for sandals, you may specify such attributes as “flat heels” and “no straps”. The module would find all of the available and proposed sandals in the item list of the online internet store that fit easily for those specified criteria. It programmatically will place them in their respective category for easy browsing.
This module is designed to improve the customer’s shopping experience by making it easier for them to find what they are looking for. It also allows the store owner to create new categories and subcategories, which makes it easier for staff to categorize their products for marketing purposes.

Great for SEO Landing Pages

SEO Landing Pages

Category pages are useful for more than just the user experience. They’re also a valuable SEO asset. Content on the page is valuable to the search engines, in addition, sites that have category pages rank better.
Category pages are an important place to focus your attention, all of the information you put on a category page is important. Make sure it’s readable, organized and complete. With this module, you’ll be able to create dozens of category pages directed at specific keywords more quickly than you can search for something on Google!

Automatic Magento category filter extension

Quite possibly the most helpful highlight of this module is that this augmentation can consequently designate merchandise to classes contingent upon setup attributes. It might likewise relegate category classes to items at runtime dependent on conditions that you give.
This permits you to make category classifications that depend on what you need, or to allot classifications dependent on how the buyers manage your item catalog.
For instance you could characterize a category for the “amazing gaming PC” and naturally allot this classification to each gaming PC you sell. The provided module naturally designates items to categories, making the classification process a lot simpler.
Just enter the rules, and the module will naturally classify the things, saving you time and energy that might be better spent somewhere else. These conditions will empower you to set up rules of limitless intricacy.
Add however many merchandise you need to the classification criteria in light of the fact that there is no restriction to the quantity of Magento items in unique categories or the quantity of dynamic categories. Regardless of whether your goal is 1000 categories with 100,000 products in every, you can in any case use this module!

Any classification from static to lively category

assign products instantly to the categories

Streamline the administration of existing categories in your store. You can make any static category in your shop dynamic by flipping the switch.
Improvements on the work process that are brought by this module permit to relegate items to categories right away. To utilize this programmatic Magento category extension, you just need to indicate the sort of item qualities you need to relate for the category.
No mystery of manual picking required and prior to saving changes you will actually want to see the items that the module will prepare for that category. Along this basic interface, you can generally guarantee that the category selection principles are custom-made to your necessities.
The result never turns out badly, so you don’t have to check again on the off chance that you missed any items.

Automatic category update

The expansion tracks changes in item’s parameters that are called attributes. On the off chance that a formerly inapplicable item meets the classification requirements, the module will appoint it to that category. In the event that an item in the category no longer fulfills the guideline requirements, the module will unassign it. You can depend on this expansion to consistently show your clients the most recent data.

Marketing promotions

Marketing promotions

The category automatic update feature of this Magento module brings even more benefits to you.
It becomes easier to sell when visitors are able to find hot sales and other marketing propositions. You can easily launch product promotions by enabling a new dynamic classification section for goods of a shop.
This connection is formed dynamically depending on a set of requirements for product attributes. The expansion also includes smart functionalities to improve flexibility and convenience.
Using this profoundly developed extension it becomes possible to track products in the catalog and automatically add or remove items from the category, as long as they meet the category requirements.
You can automatically categorize products and sort them by ID, name, SKU, visibility, and status. If you want to implement your product sorting more strategically, you can implement it manually.
For instance, a bunch of limited time things that are offered in a store may give a particularly attractive value which is attainable through a limited time interval when the offering is active. Adding and eliminating new promotional merchandise after this limited lifespan will eventually end can be tedious and irksome for the store administering staff. The automated functionality of the dynamic categories will significantly save time and exertion efforts for the store staff.


Make a powerful classification system utilizing the functionality of the Mirasvit powerful category management tool and load merchandise into the product list of an ecommerce shop. By adding or eliminating products into the categories consequently you may save a great deal of your valuable time utilizing the Magento 2 module.
With no need for you to manually make arrangements for items, you will be surprised how you can deal with the merchandise category management in minutes by setting up the condition models and boundaries for segregating items to the individual classifications through the help of the plugin Magento 2 Dynamic Category.

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