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Running a large, and thriving e-commerce shop is no easy task. You need to maintain an active rapport with all members of your product supply chain, develop positive relationships with an ever-growing customer base, keep tabs on the competition and stay on top of all the latest market trends. Sounds a bit daunting? Don’t worry–you’re far from alone. The good news is that staying on top of company data and industry trends is easier than ever thanks to the Magento Advanced Reports extension. This innovative new tool helps you realize the full potential of your data through superior analysis, utilizing its massive collection of report templates, creating customized reports and columns, designing personalized dashboards, and providing KPI access from any device.

What does that mean for customers?

Every e-commerce shop owner operating with Magento software knows the value of inspiring customer confidence if they want to maintain and grow their customer base. One of the best ways to build customer loyalty is by demonstrating your knowledge of industry trends and the inner workings of your business at a genius level. What if you’re not an actual genius in regards to how your business and commercial industry operate? Fake it til you make it, then, of course! Give the perfect impression of a walking, talking data wizard with the Advanced Reports extension for Magento 2.

How is Magento 2 Advanced Reports superior to the default Magento option?

Enjoy interface flexibility with multi-purpose easy-to-use dashboard

In more ways than you can count! When using the default Magento for compiling business data, you’re barely able to create a simple sales report, and you can’t perform any of the necessary analysis or make customized reports, and are forced to work with an entirely too-rigid interface.

In comparison, Advanced Reports from Magento 2 provides a full-package deal in which you can really maximize your data’s utility, supporting all formats in your database, taking any of our 20 report templates and styling them to your own preferences, and utilize the multidimensional grouping functionality in which you can create your own columns. On top of all that, it provides a highly flexible, yet user-friendly interface. 

Key features

Not sure about how to create your own professional-looking business reports from scratch? Not to worry–Magento 2 has more than 25 different ready-to-use reports based around every business data metric you could think of, plus many more. This expansive list includes magento advanced reports sales by country, magento advanced reports sales by category show shipping, sales overview, orders overview, product performance, abandoned carts, and literal dozens more. For the true innovators out there who really think outside the box, there is also a built-in Report Builder tool which lets you develop your own customized report metrics. 

This extension gives you a bird’s eye view of company data in real time as well as develop reports assessing past and forecasting future trends. The deep analytics functionality allows you to see a wide range of company statistics presented before you on an intuitive and practical advanced dashboard. The module includes unlimited data in the fields of Lifetime Sales, Average Order, Last Orders, Last Search Terms, as well as various charts relating to orders and revenue.  

Get fast access to all the major Key Performance Indicators (KPI) including ​​Low Stock Items, Refunds, Discounts, Invoiced, Grand Total Summary in your preferred format: single value, table, or chart. 

Enjoy incredible interface flexibility thanks to the extension’s multi-purpose easy-to-use dashboard. Choose to get a visualization of the exact data you need to see precisely when you want to see it with customizable widgets which show the specified data metrics you desire. 

With customizable dashboards you can see all the magento advanced reports images you wish, displaying only the particular data you require with no bits of extra information and visual representations that provide no substance, only clutter. You can create multiple dashboards which function simultaneously and display your KPIs in a logical, user-friendly way, designing unique dashboards for each of your company teams: marketing, sales, QA, business development, etc. 

See your world from another angle

See your world

Thanks to the innovative UI of the Magento 2 Advanced Reports dashboard extension, you can view your data from any number of different display formats. You can adjust time frames, remove or add columns, rearrange column order, filter data according to custom metrics, change grouped data requirements, sort by column, and more. 

Learn more about your customer base

In the era of internet shopping, your potential customer base is essentially worldwide. At the same time, the logistics of magento advanced reports shipping is not identical for all locations, and you need quick access to data that articulates differentiation based on shipping to various locations.  

You can create a visual breakdown of your customers geodata according to continent, region (i.e. the Americas, MENA, the EU, MENA, Asia, Oceana, etc.) and even country, city and zip code. The interactive functionality allows you to click and zoom in on any customer location to get precise data onto which you can project future store potential. 

Maximize Visual analysis

Get all key metrics by email

Mirasvit advanced reports magento offers you four different formats for visualizing your data in order to make your information as accessible to the greatest number of viewers, be they customers, company staff or affiliates of one of your many supply chain partners. 

Namely, this information can be displayed in the form of a pie chart, bar graph, histogram or area chart and you can choose to include as many variables and categories as you need. Feel free to preview your chart or graph in real time to determine what you think will be most visually pleasing to your prospective customers. Moreover, the status of data transactions (be they canceled, complete, on hold, pending payment, etc) will be clearly displayed at all times. 

Create specialized reports for vendors and other third parties involved

Your vendors generally like to be kept in the loop about their sales progress with your company. Let them view their own unique dashboard which presents them with all the necessary data and analysis regarding their business operation statistics at your e-commerce shop. When creating each vendor’s personalized dashboard, add the widgets you want allowed to be seen, apply the relevant vendor filter and share the URL with them. 

Make your magento 2 advanced reports accessible from mobile devices

It’s important to be able to review your sales and order reports and check for any pressing updates when you’re on-the-go. That’s why advanced reports magento 2 has created a mobile-friendly version you can read right from your smartphone. To view the dashboard of your choice, just scan its QR-code with the phone’s camera. 

Discover the Config Builder

The built-in Config Builder tools helps you maximize efficiency with magento add column advanced reports by which you can sort data and calculate new functions from existing columns in real time.  

Easy Report Exporting

Easy Report

With advanced reports magento edition, sending out reports to customers, vendors and team members is now easier than ever! Create an Excel XML or CSV version of your report which you can export as a backup copy while you continue to develop and edit the original report locally or within the analytical suite of your choosing. You can also opt for magento print advanced reports as a method of maintaining backup copies of your work as you extend the scope of your reports. 

Store reports locally as files on the admin panel and have updates automatically sent out to team members as they are made or at time-based intervals of your choosing. The reports can be sent out individually or as a block of files.

Advanced Report Examples

Among the dozens of available advanced reports 2 Magento’s extension has available, here is just a small list of the most popular we’d like to showcase:

Report on Cost of Goods Sold (COGS)

This report lets you show the cost by inventory and invoice of products sold within a specified period of time, be it according to day, month, year or other segment of your choosing. 

Report on Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) Sales and Order Quantity

Track product sales according to two dimensions: SKUs and order numbers. SKU filtering indicates the number of orders present in a particular SKU, and order quantity filtering shows the most highly-demanded SKUs and how many are selected in each order. 

Report on Low Stock

Low Stock

You’ll never have to worry about some ugly surprises occurring when multiple customers want to purchase a particular product from your store only to find it completely out-of-stock, ultimately persuading them to abandon their cart in your store and look towards one of your competitors to meet their shopping needs in short order. This report indicates which products are running low in your inventory and so need to be resupplied first. The filtering which shows which items are in short supply also lets you restock them with ease.

Master e-commerce reports with ease

Compiling professional reports on the status of your e-commerce sales, orders, inventory, supply chain and customer data is no easy task. Fortunately, Mirasvit is ready with the Magento 2 Advanced Reports extension to help you navigate through this daunting journey with ease. Find out more about it here.

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