Magento Elasticsearch module

What does the Magento Elasticsearch module have?

We’re sure you’d want to be able to discover whatever you need in a matter of seconds. Especially in today’s society, where everyone is in a rush and there is always a lack of time. It is critical for every online store to provide customers with the most efficient and convenient search. The reason for this is because there is a direct link between the ease with which essential products can be located and the amount of profit you can make. It also has an impact on the conversion rate, which has an impact on overall revenue and sales rate. But what really is the issue? For such jobs, Magento’s default configuration is just too limited. It’s as if you’re looking for something in a dark, cluttered room with only a flashlight. It’s complicated, but it’s not impossible. You will achieve your objective, but you will lose a lot of time and energy in the process. Don’t you want things to be simpler and faster?

You may «turn on the lights in this room» using the plugin we provide. Furthermore, not only does the add-on make everything visible, but it also cleans up the mess! So that you may locate whatever you’re looking for as quickly as possible. Let’s go through all of the features if you want to understand more about how everything works here.

Mirasvit has designed the best solution for you

What is the purpose of this add-on? As you may be aware, it has to do with a more powerful and convenient search tool. If you’re worried about the module’s structure and principles, it’s far easier to go through each feature and assess the module’s true potential and capabilities on your own. What are the benefits and drawbacks of this addition? Elasticsearch may be used for a wide range of tasks. Let’s look at each aspect separately to be sure you’re on the right track.

Because it analyzes all queries and offers customers intriguing options, this application knows precisely what you want. On the first page, there should always be something readable to persuade them to continue. After making a particular request, you may also change the position of other components on the page.

Morphology is another essential factor to consider. It’s terrible that people may make mistakes that don’t lead to an inquiry. That’s an unacceptably high amount of danger. To offer similar morphologically appropriate search results, the plugin employs sophisticated techniques. Let’s look at the many search options accessible in this module.

Make shopping great again

search results

The plugin supplies you with all the necessary tools to perform the best results. Except for improving the search feature, it also handles many additional issues:

  • The landing pages differentiate themselves from the rest of the website. You may utilize your own unique information to create several pages to improve SEO. Controlling data flow and keeping a product catalog up to date are two common needs. You might create websites that only show related goods in response to certain inquiries, for example. A wonderful feature may be put to a variety of purposes. Landing pages are handy and beneficial since they are straightforward to utilize. Double-check these websites to be sure they aren’t the same.
  • It’s all set to travel. In today’s environment, compatibility is typically a valuable advantage. Smartphones and tablets are gaining popularity faster than personal computers. As a result, the functionality of the module is particularly useful in mobile versions in a range of situations.
  • Reports. Data gathering and analysis are two of the most important aspects of a company’s success. Changes can be predicted and remedies discovered via analysis to avert problems. As a consequence, this plugin gives you the information you need, such as the most popular search terms or the top search results. If you know how many searches and clicks you’ve done, you can enhance your results by changing your settings.
  • Redirecting. What distinguishes the journey from the destination? It would be terrible if consumers couldn’t get in touch with you. Every 404 error page is monitored and updated to guarantee that it is never seen by your potential consumers. Instead of the incorrect website, all visitors are sent to the specified URL. Customers are more likely to remain and investigate your organization if this page has valuable information. This method not only saves time but also saves money. If you’re searching for a certain result, the Elasticsearch for Magento 2 will direct them to the appropriate size.

Effortless processes

redirecting example

The second benefit of auto-filling is that it saves consumers time by allowing them to do searches faster. Customers are encouraged to pick from a variety of options that anticipate future purchases throughout the creation process. When customers type in a product name, the TypeAhead feature looks up the most popular requests in the store to assist them to choose the best option. A fast mode is available to Elasticsearch users. What are the benefits of being able to accomplish this?

  • The most commonly asked questions are shown below. As a result, the great majority of individuals can see what they actually desire. Find the most well-known items or special deals by using the top search rankings.
  • It’s essential to have a diverse set of resources. This search returns not just product names, but also other information. Users, for example, might be able to find the needed page fast.

Advanced search

Everything is available on your store’s web version. That is, if it exists, you may look for it. As a result, everyone who visits your website will discover that online buying is far more easy and more fun. See the following list of probable content categories for further information:

  • There are additional third-party plugins available. This module may look for plugins in other systems and materials. By integrating Magento’s capabilities with those of other sources, you may get better outcomes.
  • You were the one who came up with the idea. Combine data from many sources that your customers could find valuable. As a consequence of the addition, this information now appears in the search results.
  • During the search process, all product attributes are taken into account.
  • Customers may see all of the matched categories.
  • Customers can use the add-on to see the values of the features they’ve chosen.
  • The pages were created using a content management system. There are also links to all of the application’s associated pages.

Searching capabilities

This plugin is very adaptable and configurable. Customers may locate products in milliseconds thanks to the foundation engine’s quickness. This is beneficial to you since it has a significant impact on client satisfaction and sales volume. In terms of speed, the package presently comprises the following components:

highlight example
  • There are levels to the navigation. This plugin isn’t as sluggish as a regular Magento MySQL call, and it uses fewer resources. It improves efficiency and reduces server overload by using clever layered navigation.
  • Scaling. For big catalogs and high-traffic websites, a different technique is required. This add-on takes advantage of a cluster to distribute data across several servers, making your website run more smoothly.
  • Intelligent recommendation algorithms. For whatever reason, you may not have the essential products in stock at any particular moment. The module provides the most comparable results currently available to avoid upsetting people seeking this item.
  • Purchases that are related. Because not all consumers are aware of what they want, it is your responsibility to assist them in locating it. One method of assisting clients in determining what they’re looking for is to display typical requests so that they may discover comparable purchases that are currently trending.
  • The system supports several languages. Regardless of the language they speak, this add-on allows users to choose any language from a menu. This makes your website available to anybody on the planet, which is really beneficial.
  • Exact lookup. Use ISBN and SKU numbers as search parameters to locate particular items. This is a fantastic way to find out what you want if you already know what you want. This can help you save a significant amount of time.
  • There are some surprises in store. Allow customers to look for products even if they don’t know the whole name. Parts that are unknown will be indicated with a special symbol (*).
  • Stop using words. Another tool that assists customers in finding exactly what they’re seeking, even if their request differs from what’s already accessible. Simply build a list of terms to improve the precision of your search.
  • Auto-Correction. All incorrect requests would be ignored if this plugin was not installed. Meanwhile, the module corrects any erroneous keywords automatically, ensuring that clients get the best results possible.
  • Google integration is available. You can find what you’re looking for by using the Sitelinks Search Box. This software allows you to find your business right from the Google search results page, boosting your overall conversion rate.
  • Search across several stores. Users may search across all of your shop views at once. Select the store views you’d like to include in the Multi-store search.
  • Highlights. For a faster and more comfortable search, highlight search results


Magento’s use of Elasticsearch gives up a slew of new options and chances for business growth. Your store urgently needs an easy, quick, and user-friendly search feature. This is what makes clients want to buy at your store and tell their friends about it. Don’t wait for a good moment to happen; make your own!

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